Covid-19 Update

Due to constant changes in education access we will only be offering tutoring services at this time! We apologize for any inconvenience!

Tutoring Options

Science Courses
Science Fusion (Virtual Option Fall/Spring)
These courses introduce elementary and middle school students to the world of Physical, Earth, and Life Sciences. With a tri-method curriculum, students will focus on hands-on unit study activities in the classroom and digital lessons at home. The digital curriculum, virtual labs, hands-on activities, and write-in science textbook develop important critical-thinking skills that prepare students for success in future science courses and in the workplace. 
**Curriculum follows Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core. Students will need a Schoology account to access digital content and class information. 
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Exploring Math (Virtual Option)  can be done in a small group or 1:1 tutoring. Students will get help in basic math concepts and learn how to use math resources. Enrichment teacher will monitor student progress, identify areas needing improvement, and help with homework and preparing students for tests. Students will need a Schoology account to access content and information. 

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World Studies (Virtual Option Fall/Spring)

Students will explore the world and get a strong foundation on geography and what life is like for others around the world.  In order to study geography, students need to also study influential people and significant events in various regions of the world. Let's explore the world together! Students will need a Schoology account to access class content.

Language Arts

Students will focus on English language standards for grammar and writing, as well as reading comprehension.